4 eCommerce Call to Actions and Why They Work

Basic Best Practices to improve the Call to Action on your Website:

Test colors, text, and more on your own store to see how well it works!

Test Different Colors

  • No color works best – it’s important to ensure that you’re using a color that resonates with your visitors and your brand.
  • Use white space around your CTA to make it clear where to click.
  • Make sure it stands out from the background
  • Don’t make it too crazy with colors and animations

Use Simple Buttons and Copy

  • Make sure your CTA appears as a button and not just text.  Even if it is surrounded with a small border, it’s better than having just a text link
  • Buttons work well for directing visitors to the checkout process
  • Make sure to keep the text within the button short and sweet as well.  A simple “buy now”, “add to cart”, “buy” works well
  • You can cater your button copy to the market you’re selling

Hero Images Are Important on Your Storefront

  • Used to highlight a product or collection
  • Hero image should link to a product, or collection to get visitors to check out faster

Keep it “Above the Fold”

  • Keep content above the fold.  The “fold” of a storefront is the point on any website that comes after scrolling down
  • Any content above the fold is what visitors immediately see upon entering your store
  • If you can grab a visitor’s attention above the fold, chances are they’ll continue to click through and navigate through your store

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